Driver Awareness Training

This Driver Awareness Training course is essential for anyone who drives a car as part of their work. It explains best practice, rules and responsibilities. It's all about being a safe driver, in a safe vehicle, on a safe journey.

  • Duration 50 mins
  • Approval CPD, IOSH

Key Features

  • Complete online in an hour
  • CPD & IOSH approved training
  • Essential for all drivers
  • Clear and easy-to-understand
  • Supported by excellent graphics and animation
  • Provides printable completion certificates

Driver Awareness Course Overview

Our roads in the UK, along with those in Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark are the four safest European countries for road users, but, even here, more people are killed in work-related road accidents than in any other work-related accidents!

This driver awareness course hightlights the dangers and the importance of staying focussed and aware of what's going on around us when we drive. It's really important that we don’t become complacent and that we know when NOT to drive.

This course aims to increase confidence, explaining the basic rules and regulations and best practice for drivers and road users.

It looks at employer and employee responsibilities, safe driving, safe vehicles, safe journeys and what to do in an emergency situation, such as an accident or breakdown.

Who should take our Driver Awareness Training?

This training is suitable for anyone that drives as part of their job, be it in a commercial fleet or if they regularly go ‘offsite’. The course highlights some of the everyday risks associated with driving and promotes awareness of what is going on around you.

Did you know? 1 in 3 will road users be involved in an accident of some kind every year and around 200 road deaths or serious injuries involve someone driving for work. It is therefore essential training for anyone that drives as part of their job. 

Driver awareness training is essential for anyone who drives as part of their job.

Why is training required?

Driver Awareness Training is required to help prevent accidents on the road and teach you what to do in worst case scenarios and emergencies. Almost 1 in 6 jobs in the UK involve driving - training is essential for these people, it’s so easy to slip into bad driving practices and our course also acts as a great refresher.

Driver Awareness Course Contents

  1. Responsibilities on the road - We explain the rules on the road and who is responsible when you are driving for work.
  2. Safe driving - Including ‘defensive driving’, hazard awareness and stopping distances.
  3. Making your journey safer - Situations where you may drive for work when you wouldn’t otherwise, poor weather conditions and if you are feeling unwell.
  4. Making your vehicle safe - Unsafe vehicles account for many accidents on the road. Make sure your vehicle is safe to drive!
  5. Accidents and breakdowns - We explain what to do in worst case scenarios or if your vehicle breaks down.
Driving at night and when it is raining can pose more hazards than day-time driving