Fire Warden Training for Construction

This exceptional quality Fire Warden Training helps provide all the information you need to become a Fire Warden or Fire Marshal. It includes full details on the duties of a Fire Warden or Marshal, use of fire extinguishers and how to complete effective fire drills and evacuation.

  • Duration 100 mins
  • Approval CPD

Key Features

  • CPD approved training
  • Provides certificate upon completion
  • Informative and in-depth training
  • Clear and easy-to-understand
  • Show commitment to The Fire Safety Order 2005 and Construction Design & Management Regs 2015

Fire Wardens in Construction

The role of Fire Warden or Fire Marshal is a responsible position. It requires not only knowing what to do if fire breaks out, but includes many other duties too.

Other duties include running fire drills, so employees know what to do if there's a fire; making sure measures are in place to prevent fires - which includes checking smoke alarms, fire alarm systems and fire extinguishers, ensuring combustible materials are stored safely and electrical equipment is safe; and making sure exit routes aren't blocked and signs aren't missing or obscured.

This in-depth training course explains the duties of a Fire Warden or Fire Marshal. It looks at human behaviour and how people don't always act as you'd expect! It explains how to use fire extinguishers and which types of fire each extinguisher is suitable for.

This course contains all you need to know to become a fully-trained Warden or Marshal. We also offer Fire Awareness Training that is suitable for everyone. 

Who is our Fire Warden Training for?

Our course is designed for anyone who is taking on the role of fire warden on a construction site. You can take this course having no previous fire warden knowledge as it covers both the basics and specifics of becoming a fire warden.

Why is Fire Warden Training required?

Every construction site should have a designated Fire Warden, for bigger sites with more workers there should be multiple Fire Warden’s. No matter how complex or simple the project is, fire can easily occur and it is the Fire Warden's responsibility to prevent emergencies, to lead fire drills and assist everyone during a fire, among many other responsibilities.

Fire Warden Course Contents

  1. Background - This section is all about the basics, including the dangers of smoke, fire spread and the causes/costs of fire.
  2. Preventing fires - Here we explain the role of the fire warden and their importance.
  3. Fire evacuation - How do people react to fires? We explain the importance of fire drills and emergency procedures
  4. Fire extinguishers and classes - We look at the different classes of fire and types of extinguishers and which one you should be using.
  5. Overview of legislations - Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.
Every organisation should have a designated fire warden