How our Health and Safety training works

Sam’s Construction Training is the easiest way to get your Health and Safety training sorted. Our training courses are brought to life with excellent graphics, animation, narrators, end of course tests and much more, to make them as engaging and enjoyable as possible. Believe it or not, health and safety training doesn’t have to be boring, we can vouch for that!

With Sam’s Construction Training you simply:

  • Pick the training course you need (All of our courses are approved for your reassurance).
  • Buy your course for just £25 (Excluding VAT) online and within a couple of minutes.
  • Complete our short courses within 60 days.
  • Print your certificate and show commitment to current legislation.

This website says “Powered by iHasco” - Who are they?

Sam’s Construction Training is a subsidiary of iHasco. iHasco are our parent company and have been providing online health and safety training for over 12 years. They have helped over 12,000 clients and have delivered over 2,000,000 online training courses to date.

iHasco are responsible for the brilliant content of each course sold on Sam’s Construction Safety.

So what’s the point of Sam’s Construction Training?

For years we have wanted to provide a quick and easy solution for small businesses and sole traders (Laborers, Electricians, Builders, Plumbers, Decorators - anyone involved in building and construction!) who needed specific health and safety training.

What better way to do this then to dedicate a website to these people? With Sam’s Construction Training you can get access to our courses in just a few clicks of a button.

Need Manual Handling Training? We’ve got you covered. Need Asbestos Awareness Training? We’ve got you covered. Need PPE Training? We’ve got you covered. The list goes on!

Single and multiple user access

Sam’s Construction Training is the ideal place for small businesses and sole traders that need single access to a specific course, to sort out their health and safety training needs.

However, if you are a larger business that needs more than one person or your whole company to complete a course / multiple courses, then please head over to our parent website - iHasco, who have over 20 years experience in helping larger businesses make training simple for their employees.